Ananda Virgiana Prima Dewi

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Hi! I am an Insect enthusiast and a kind of Arthropod maniac as well. In addition also a lifelong learner of other living things all around especially useful plants.
I grow up happily in Special Region of Yogyakarta (Java Island, Indonesia), a lovely place where I mainly wander and capture things by phone.
Graduated with a Bachelor degree of Biology in August 2022 (Yogyakarta State University - UNY)

  • Researcher of the Maos Pertamina Fuel Terminal Biodiversity Exploration Project (2023) - specialization: Arthropoda
  • Research Assistant of the Tambakboyo Reservoir Biodiversity Exploration Project (2022-2023) - specialization: Odonata, Lepidoptera, Medicinal Plants
  • Researcher of the Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano Biodiversity Exploration Project (2021) - specialization: Odonata
  • Laboratory Assistant at Widarakandang Orchid Nursery (2020-2021) - specialization: Orchid Pests
  • Researcher of the Ectoparasite of Odonata in Sleman Exploration Project (2020)
  • Researcher of the Nusakambangan Nature Reserve Biodiversity Exploration Project (2019-2020) - specialization: Aves
  • Monthly Speaker of the Odonatologica Discussion (UNY Odonata Study Club - KS Odonata) (2019-2020)
  • Monthly Speaker of the Lepidoptera's Hostplant and Foodplant Discussion (UNY Butterfly Study Club - BSO Arwana) (2019-2020)

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