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This project focuses on violets (Violaceae) of North America--species in Canada, the United States and Mexico and Central America. I have been a violet specialist for around 35 years. With collaborators I have studied the genera of the Violaceae family, and we are in the process of redefining some of the groups. I have also studied Latin American violets. In recent years I have been focusing most of my attention on violets of eastern North America, although I am familiar with many of the western species. I am presently putting special effort on delineating and comparing species taxonomically in the Acaulescent Blue violet group (Viola subsection Boreali-Americanae), because that's where some of the biggest problems lie. But all violets in North America are fair game! I need your help in finding, documenting and studying violets of all kinds in North America, particularly the more unusual or poorly known species. Together, we can form a small army of colleagues (professional botanist, amateur naturalist or curious party, doesn't matter) to study violets! We can all contribute something important. I am in the process of creating a "North American Violets" website with lots of resources for identification of violets and learning about them, and about the status of our knowledge on species (often poor or incomplete). Stay tuned!

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