Barbara Ertter

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I am a quasi-retired professional botanist living in Boise, Idaho. My two current areas of specialization are:

1) An on-line flora of the Boise Front (broadly defined), with lots of additional photos beyond the few thus far posted on iNaturalist.

2) Revisionary work on Potentilleae in western North America (i.e., Potentilla, Drymocallis, Horkelia, Ivesia). If you want your observations identified to species, be sure to get photos of the basal leaves, not just the flowers (which are pretty much identical in many species). Close-ups of petiole hairs are also often diagnostic. Also be aware that many plants defy ready placement in currently recognized species, even with plants in hand, due the inherent complexity of the genera (including rampant hybridization) and the high probability of still-undescribed species.

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