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19-year-old naturalist and wildlife photographer born and raised in Chicago, IL, now studying Conservation Biology at Colorado State University. I really have what I hesitate to call a passion for wildlife, as it is really (simply put) my lifestyle.

At the early age of 2, I turned the TV on to a documentary about Cuttlefish, which led to a trip to the library asking for books on Cuttlefish. As any adult in 2007 would’ve done, the librarian seemed shocked that this grub of a kid was inquiring about books on animals no one had likely inquired to her about before, so naturally she led me to the nature books section. Cuttlefish led to all things prehistoric, that led to birds, birds led to butterflies, butterflies led to herps, and now here I am where my heart lies with plants. Field Botany interests me the most, and is what I hope to spend a considerable chunk of my life doing.

I also work closely with the New England-based camera store Hunt’s Photo and Video. I give regular webinars and online presentations about various wildlife photography topics, as well as lead in-person wildlife photography workshops at many festivals nationwide. (Buy from Hunt's for all of your photo needs!)

Sidenote, I used to be pretty careless with my ID's here, so I took a long break from it. I'd call my areas of "expertise" all North American BIRDS, SALAMANDERS, BUTTERFLIES, SNAKES, Chicagoland flora, Rocky Mountain Flora, and a bunch of miscellaneous other plants, insects, etc. Feel free to tag me in anything, I'll do my best to ID it, but I'll probably not know some things.

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