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Hi everyone!

My name is Aidan Hallsworth and I'm originally from central Massachusetts. I've spent most of my life in the northeast however I've studied and done work in northern Costa Rica, and am currently in Fort Collins Colorado as a student studying wildlife biology at Colorado State University. My passion has always been carnivorous mammals (wolves, coyotes, bears, big cats, etc.) however I've slowly been expanding my knowledge of wildlife over the past few years. As you can probably see in my profile, most of my observations are from trail cameras which are by far my favorite and most common method of photographing wildlife. For what it's worth I use various Bushnell trail cameras and love them a lot. If anyone has questions about my methodology for camera trapping please message me and I'll happily talk for hours about it.

My experience lies in research I've conducted as two year member of the Forman School Rainforest Project including a research paper on wildcat monitoring in northern Costa Rica (website for both linked below), as well as years of camera trapping and physical trapping for recreation.

I would say my expertise (if you can call it that) lies in North American mammals as well as various Costa Rican species. I absolutely still identify things incorrectly so please do not hesitate to suggest a new ID.

Anyways, I'm always happy to talk about population data, methodology, or just wildlife in general so message me anytime.

Thanks y'all,

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