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Hello to everyone who has been kind enough to reach out to see how my dad is doing. Iʻm touched by the responses even though he was on iNat for a short time. He passed away in March 2019- we miss him very much. I will do my best to continue to curate his account. Texas wildlife and fauna were his passion; he would very much want his iNat contributions to still be out in the world to help. If you need to reach out to me for anything, my user name is catchang.

I am a self taught native plant enthusiast specializing in the flora and fauna of the Edwards Plateau and surrounding area. I have always had an interest in plants from the time I was a little growing up in Hawaii. Both sets of grandparents were farmers. My maternal side were subsistence farmers providing food for the family using traditional techniques and food plants, mainly Kalo, or Taro. My paternal side came to Hawaii from China and worked off their indentured service as rice farmers. So plants and how to grow and identify them is probably imprinted in my DNA.

Iʻm one of those who were not born in Texas but got here as soon as I could, mainly because of job opportunities. I am a trained Accountant and Administrator and took early retirement from a large, multi-national public corporation as their Director of Accounting. I then bought property in the Hill Country and am enjoying the incredible diversity of species that are endemic to the Edwards Plateau. This is an ongoing natural, educational process for me. I am indebted to my daughter for signing me up to be posting on iNat and having conversations with such a great group of Naturalists.

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