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I am a novice in both herpetology and herpetoculture. As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the natural world, animals in particular. Over the past half decade my passion has truly taken off through reptiles. Though my resources are currently quite limited I do keep four gecko species and a Bearded Dragon (the lizard that started it all). Assuming my time, money, and space will allow me to do so, I eventually plan on working with a much vaster variety of herptiles. I am greatly interested in the behavioral, problem solving and emotional capabilities of reptiles and I hope to eventually extensively study the intellect of my own animals as well as those in nature (pit vipers and varanids especially). The intelligence of herptiles is so greatly underrated by the majority, I believe that to be a significant factor in why many won’t think twice about a snake on the road or the lizard in their garden. Unfortunately many simply have a lack of understanding and sympathy for these creatures, and this is something I more than want to aid in producing genuine scientific data to oppose. Throughout the year I am an active herper, doing so nearly whenever an opportunity is presented. The purpose of this account is to contribute to the documentation of the creatures I encounter in the field, primarily in the Houston TX region, as well as to aid in the identification of reptiles within the (mostly) Central US area. Although my resources are currently quite limited I am an advocate for the conservation of those organisms often over looked, especially herptiles. I work as best I can to support these wonderful creatures using conservation through education and in the future hopefully through preservation as well. Eventually I would like to make a profession out of educating the public about both their native herps and those they may only ever get to see in a zoo or on the internet. Preservation wise in particular it is a dream of mine to work with Abronia, potentially even contributing to operations such as reintroduction programs. Although I am yet to be an expert in any aspect of the herpetological world I hope and plan to one day become one, doing what I can to support wonderful websites such as iNaturalist is certainly a start. At the least I hope that through this account I can help significantly in the local documentation and identification of many wonderful creatures of Southeast Texas.

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