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Howdy! I am a conservationist looking to learn all things nature! I have 9 years experience in habitat/land management all around Minnesota, including several opportunities to conduct wildlife and vegetation surveys across the Midwest. I am most familiar with birds and flora of Minnesota, with a special place in my heart for Tribe Fabeae- especially Vicia and Lathyrus.

I identify and run. For the sake of time I don’t always leave explanations on ID disagreements, but feel free to @ me if you’d like reasoning for any ID I’ve left.

Help me help you! I mostly identify plants. The more features of the plant you can photograph, the easier it is to identify. At the very least, take a close picture of the flower, leaves, and entire plant. Fruit, sepals, bracts, stipules, leaf attachment, stems, basal leaves and habitat can all be vital clues as well. There surprisingly few species I can confidently identify by a picture of the flower alone.

These are a few of my favorite online resources for plant ID:

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