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Ecological Society of IISER (ESI) is a student-run society from India. We are affiliated with the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvanthapuram, under the aegis ICREE (IISER-TVM Centre for Research and Education in Ecology and Evolution). Our main objective is to spread awareness about the ecological and environmental problems the world is facing and also try to find solutions.

Currently, we are trying to build a database of all living organisms present inside and nearby IISER-TVM and also in general in Trivandrum, Kerala, which includes anything ranging from plants to insects to birds and other animals.

For that, we have started a project called "EcoGO", where students and interested people in and around our campus take observations of the living creatures they encounter.

We hope to receive lot of support from all of you in taking observations, identifying, and categorizing flora and fauna of our campus. The final reward for this project is to use the collected information and make a website featuring Flora & Fauna of IISER-TVM and also to publish a book featuring the same.

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