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Botanist with critter curiosity specializing in southwestern US flora, especially central Arizona, Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, and coastal southern California.

I work with federal agencies, non-profits, botanical gardens, universities and consulting firms conducting floras, rare plant surveys and monitoring, and ecological research.

I have research interests in taxonomy and systematics (Physalis, Poaceae, Lamiaceae), plant-environment relationships and biogeography, evolution and biogeography of endemic and rare taxa, edaphic evolution, ethnobotany - specifically how humans have moved plants around historically and prehistorically, and riparian plant ecology and conservation. My favorite part of botany is sharing curiosity, exchanging and passing of knowledge. I seek to do this through journeys with friends into the wild, partnerships with organizations, outreach, providing training in citizen science projects, and increasingly through exchanges on iNaturalist!

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