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28 y/o Mechanical Engineer + Entomologist + Entrepreneur + Author/Illustrator. Graduate of RIT. Director of Owlfly Engineering and Owlfly Publishing. My native language is English.

28 a/e Ingeniera Mecánica + Entomóloga + Empresaria + Autora/Ilustradora. Graduada de RIT. Directora de Owlfly Engineering y Owlfly Publishing. Inglés es mi lingua materna.

Select Publications:

🦗 The Cicadas of North America
1 st Edition (Coming Soon in 2024!)
Field guide to cicadas of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean

🐝 The Social Wasps of North America
1 st Edition (2022) • Edición Española (2023) • 2 nd Edition (Coming Soon in 2025!)
Field guide to social wasps of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean

🐝 Biodiversity and Classification of Wasps (Vespoidea chapter)
1 st Edition (2023) • 2 nd Edition (2024)
Course manual to wasps of the world

🦋 The Order of Lepidoptera in the Northeastern US & Canada
Pocket Guide (2015)
Pocket guide to moth families of the Northeast


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