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Eighty years young and now living in Las Vegas, NV. Born in Boston, MA, I left home early to see the world and joined the Air Force. I spent many happy years in Japan in and the southern Japanese islands as well as a couple of years on an island in the Mediterranean, and in-country Thailand as well. I learned photography in the mid sixties but never became truly involved until 'digital' came along and I purchased my first DSLRs and lenses. Realizing that birds and animals were just not going to come to me on my couch, I started visiting mountain meadows outside of Las Vegas which caused no end of enjoyment. I discovered that although I liked the solitude of the wild, I also met some really interesting and enjoyable folks with the same interests as I. Though primarily a photographer, I also take pride in knowing how to identify the birds I photograph, and how to find the ones with which I am not familiar. I edit my photos on a simple editing program provided by Windows, and do not use Lightroom or Photo Shop. Enjoy.

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