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I love going out and wandering in nature and celebrating how little I know and how much there is to learn.

I like to challenge myself making IDs and I know that I am not always correct. Please, please, tell me if I am wrong and do not take any ID I make as gospel. I will respond to any comments etc.

I am also a bit of a newfound fanatic of plant galls. So much so that I have built a website dedicated to help catalog and identify them. If it were not for iNat the conjunction of people and events to make this possible likely would have never occurred. and github for source:

Getting Your Oak IDed
Some Oaks can be very tricky to ID to species and to improve the chance of getting an ID here are the features to try and document (roughly in order of importance, the 1st 3 are nearly mandatory):

  • an entire leaf, even better a selection of leaves (oak leaves are highly variable, even on a single tree)
  • the under side of a leaf clearly showing any hairs that might be present
  • the terminal bud cluster, side view and if you are ambitious a head on view to show the profile in cross-section
  • the trunk bark
  • acorns are not always present but if they are photos can be definitive even in the absence of other info

Not all trees can be IDed to species from photos. Many can not be IDed without a carefulyl selected set of very clear photos that can be tough to get (especially if you are new to this!). New Spring growth can be very tricky to ID.

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