Jenny Lawrence

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I spend time in nature for work and for leisure and enjoy recording a range of wildlife, plants and other living things. While I have good knowledge of birds and vertebrate wildlife (which I mostly record on Birdata and VBA respectively), invertebrates are a new challenge for me, but one I am enjoying.
I use iNaturalist mainly for recording invertebrates (where I will appreciate the support in identification), plus plants - some of which I know very well and many I don't. Then there are the mysterious worlds of Fungi, Mosses and Lichens... There is so much to learn!
Most of my observations are likely to be from Gippsland in eastern Victoria (Australia), but from time to time I may be travelling in other areas.
With large areas of East Gippsland impacted by bushfires in summer of 2019-20, I will be visiting both regular survey sites and other random sites to record nature's recovery over the next few years.
I try to help out with IDs for species I know well and are comfortable identifying from photos, especially from areas I know well. It is wonderful to be part of such a knowledgeable network of nature lovers who have such a wealth of knowledge to share!

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