Kimberlie Sasan Curator

Joined: Aug 26, 2015 Last Active: Mar 22, 2023 iNaturalist

2017 Certified Texas Master Naturalist (Cross Timbers, Tarrant County)
2018 Certified Entomology Volunteer Specialist
2022 Herbarium & Research Assistant, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, FWBG|BRIT
2022 Co-authored the description of a new species of Gall Wasp (Cynipidae): Druon laceyi

My research interests:

Brambles in Texas (Rubus spp, Rosaceae)
Carolina Anemones (Anemone caroliniana, Ranunculaceae)
Venus's Looking Glass Flowers (Triodanis spp, Campanulaceae)
DFW Galls and galling insects

Identifications of photo observations can be challenging or hasty. You may find on occasion I make a mistake on an ID, and I welcome the feedback!

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