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I am an amateur naturalist who spends a lot of time outdoors, especially in the Far West Rand area of Gauteng, which is in my opinion an 'unturned stone' in the scientific world, often overlooked because of the abundance of gold mines, forgetting that the huge mining properties surface areas are barely effected by the mining activities leaving these areas virtually untouched, the lack of scientific research on the fauna and flora in the area shows in the distribution maps in most field guides on Southern Africa (especially trees, mammals, reptiles and birds), which would always disappoint me as a child to see virtually nothing was found here, only when I got older and started to see a lot animals that weren't supposed to be here, did I realize that it might be better if I just go out myself and observe the wildlife and plant life here, to determine what is actually found here and what isn't, iNaturalist has made this task much easier for me, and I hope my observations from my many hours in the field every week in the area will be of assistance to anybody doing research on the area

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