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I'm an ecologist with an MSc and PhD in entomology. I'm interested in learning more about all species, but particularly insects in southern Ontario - where I work for a conservation authority. My current top interests are lady beetles and butterflies, because they are great taxa for outreach and engagement and they're well represented on iNaturalist. I've studied forest caterpillars in Ontario and parasitoid wasps from all over Canada, including the Arctic. I'm great at identifying things with a key and a microscope, but working on getting better doing it on the fly. Pun intended.

I'm also the scientific coordinator for the CVC Butterfly Blitz

If I have added an insect life stage observation field to your observation, it's to aid in future data analysis. Life stages added as annotations aren't in the data fields available to be downloaded from iNaturalist, whereas life stages added as observation fields are.

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