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Spiders, mostly. "She" pronoun set.

I use the camera feature of my smartphone and Camera FV-5 Lite (free app for smartphones running an Android OS), which enables manual focus, to photograph spiders.

Resources I frequently use in spider-identification:
🕷️ BugGuide (United States and Canada)
🕷️ GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility)
🕷️ World Spider Catalog

General spider information:
🕷️ "Spider Myths" by Rod Crawford at The Burke Museum
🕷️ General spider information at the Australian Museum
🕷️ Glossary of spider terms at Wikipedia
🕷️ Glossary of spider terms at Table Grape Spider ID
🕷️ Diagram of spider markings by Sarah Rose
🕷️ Explanation of spider leg formula by the British Arachnological Society

Medically significant spiders in the United States:
There are 2 genera of medically significant spiders in the US: Latrodectus (family Theridiidae), cka "widow spiders", and Loxosceles (family Sicariidae), cka "recluse spiders"
🕷️ Spider Research at University of California - Riverside (mostly re: Loxosceles)
🕷️ The Florida Brown Recluse Project by Lou Coticchio
🕷️ Eratigena agrestis (family Agelenidae), cka "hobo spider", was previously thought to be medically significant but is now known to be medically insignificant; information at the Insects in the City blog
🕷️ Bite-prevention and relocation advice by Caity Judd (keep in mind that spider bites are rare!)

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