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MS Candidate at Northeastern University, enrolled in NEU's Three Seas Program, which is an accelerated experiential and diving-based Master's program which takes place in 3 key environments (Nahant Marine Science Center, MA; Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Bocas del Toro Panama; Friday Harbor Labs - San Juan Island, WA). Following academic classes, students conduct a 6-month research internship and create an original manuscript.

I Previously obtained my Bachelor's Degree at Quest University Canada with a focus in Coastal Ecology, biodiversity, and species interactions.

Past Employment: Washington Conservation Corps, AOI/NOAA Fisheries observer, ODFW Salmon Surveyor, Seaside Aquarium.

One (of the many) reasons I love iNaturalist is that this is a place of connection. There are so many naturalists who work together and interact here. Those who are experts in specific fields, students yearning to learn more, life-long or newfound enthusiasts of nature... I love interacting and learning from everyone here! Please send me a message to talk science :)

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