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Tiffany Theden

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I'm in love with liverworts and lichens. Macrofungi in general are ridiculously amazing. I love going on treasure hunts for California native plants, from the hellscapes of our human cities, to the deep reaches of all the wild places. I occasionally partake in natural history illustration, and would love to do a county level liverwort field guide. Someday I'm going to help bring Grizzlies back to California. Tell me I won't. I dare you. 😜

I love everything about the amazing biodiversity on this planet, from the charismatic megafauna to the tiny, supposedly insignificant beings that colonize rock surfaces and bare soil. I just want to know everything about everything, and am so stoked to be able to meet the myriad organisms we are lucky enough to call our neighbors. 🖤💚

BA in Environmental Studies + Biology from UCSC

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