Todd Ramsden

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I am an amateur naturalist, mostly interested in botany and birding, along with any other interesting stuff that I run across.

I received BS and MS degrees in Geology back before the turn of the century, but ended up spending most of my professional career as an information technology admin and manager. I have attended a couple of workshops at the local herbarium, but aside from those and a few biology and paleontology courses during college I have no formal biology education.

When trying to do identifications for iNat I mostly concentrate on local plants and a few taxa that I feel fairly confident about. Occasionally I will also take on a taxon that appears to have a number of observations outside of its expected geographic range and try to clean up erroneous IDs (which mostly come from the automated Computer Vision suggestions). I usually try to include a brief statement about my reasoning if I am disagreeing with a previous ID, but feel free to question my ideas - I am not an expert!

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