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ViaVia is unmistakably the coziest option to start your long-awaited trip when traveling to Uganda, the city of Entebbe is most probably your gate to this wonderful country. Right at the heart of the city, . We also offer a wide collection of tissues for tears of goodbye when heading back home.

ViaVia sure is an affordable and cosy alternative for your overnight stay. Add our top-notch hammocks, dazzling garden in the heart of nature and delicious healthy food to the mix, and you have a truly heartwarming experience that’s very hard to beat.

Our notorious campfires make the ideal meeting place for people from across the globe. And while we have an excellent internet connection at the bar, reception and restaurant, our large population of birds doesn’t need any 4G to twitter twit all day long. ViaVia is a home away from home, but then slightly better! We even have romantic sunsets on request.
ViaVia Uganda Entebbe
Kisalu Road - Katabi

P.O. Box 596 Entebbe


0° 4' 42.7188" N, 32° 28' 18.8364" E

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