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🇫🇷 MSc Ecophysiology Ecology Ethology at Strasbourg University, France 🇫🇷
🇨🇦 Research Assistant - Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery Program, Wildlife Preservation Canada 🇨🇦

Scientific studies :

  • Da Cunha et al., 2023. Relationship Between Individual Coloration, Crypsis, and Habitat Selection on Crotalus atrox in the Chihuahuan Desert at El Paso, Texas (in preparation)
  • Da Cunha et al., 2023. Study of the Predation Pressure on the Western Diamonback Rattlesnake (Crotalus
    atrox) in the Chihuahuan Desert using 3D-printed Models (in preparation)

  • Graitson et al., 2022. Status of a large population of the Adder Vipera berus (Linnaeus, 1758) introduced in eastern Belgium.
  • Graitson et al., 2022. Phenotypic variations and melanism in an introduced population of the adder Vipera berus in eastern Belgium.

📲 To follow me :

People frequently ask me where this passion for animals comes from, especially for reptiles and amphibians. When you are young, I consider that there are two types of children who walk with their parents: those who hold the hand and stay on the trail and those who let go of the hand to experience their first solo adventures. I belong to the second category, and this is how I started my life as a naturalist at the age of 3–4 years old by capturing my first frogs to show them to my parents. Likewise, I enjoyed watching them, especially when it was time to release them and see them regain their freedom. I believe that with time, I have become sufficiently interested in these animals to make my own opinion, because indeed many people hate these animals and often, without real reasons or unjustified reasons. Consequently, these animals are subject to a kind of social influence transmitted from generation to generation, coupled with many misconceptions. That is why I decided very early in my life to become a fervent defender of these animals, as I already do with my friends or family but, this time on a larger scale. The most effective way to make the majority appreciate these animals is to educate. I have noticed in my studies that we rarely talk about them in France. Upon discovering amphibians, I became interested in turtles for a long time. It was the first reptile I took care of, and it is still in good shape today. It is a Cumberland Slider (Trachemys scripta troostii), so I was already interested in the American herpetofauna at a very young age. Then, I became interested in lizards, discovering more and more diversity with iguanas, monitor lizards, agamas and this is one of the last ones that I could acquire twice. Indeed, my parents, seeing me as passionate and fascinated by these animals, followed me in this passion and I then raised two Australian bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps). Afterward, I became fascinated by snakes and I have been focusing on them for more than 8 years and 4 years specifically on the Viperidae family, these venomous snakes as incredible as charismatic. I am the World's First Identifier for many reptile species on iNaturalist, as well as for the Viperidae family, where when I have time I try to share my passion and my help on identifications. I would like to dedicate my career by doing conservation on Viperidae in America and/or in Africa. Passionate since my childhood, this project could only be destined to me and until now I have done everything to achieve it, starting with a self-taught learning that I have conducted for several years in parallel with my studies, with for example the creation of recognition materials on the Viperidae of the world. In addition to that, I have many projects related to reptiles, such as my professional Instagram account on the Viperidae of the world for the purpose of discovery for the general public, or in parallel my Viperidae breeding project that I would like to couple with a structure in order to reintroduce them in the wild. Throughout my childhood, I continued to educate myself through Steve Irwins documentaries, books, nature outings, and meetings with conservation associations. I am also active in several naturalist associations in France (Herpetological Society of France, Conservatory of Natural Areas in Hauts-de-France, Bufo), and I donate to other associations, notably in America (The Rattlesnake Conservancy, Wildlife Preservation of Canada). As you will have understood, being passionate about Viperidae, I am also part of the Viper Group of the Conservatory of Natural Areas in Hauts-de-France in which I participate in annual surveys to see the evolution of populations. But this love story with snakes goes back much further. I still remember perfectly my first experience with a snake. It took place during a reptile show where I was in the crowd on my father's shoulders where I was able to touch an albino Reticulated Python (Malayopython reticulatus). To my great pleasure, for 4 years now, I have been taking care of a female Boa imperator from Nicaragua that I named Sneaky. Not a common pet, right? But would not it be sad if we were all the same? The richness of a population lies in the diversity we bring to it.


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