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Born and raised in Norway, I’ve always loved wildlife and nature. Since early childhood I dreamt of Africa (The Lion King was definitely a strong influence). Through studying biology I eventually got to live my dream, by doing a Master’s degree on elephants in the Serengeti, Tanzania, and working a couple of years on a PhD project on leopards in South Africa. My time in Africa got me even more hooked on wildlife, and at the same time I discovered wildlife photography. I eventually ended up spending most of my free time trying to get the best shots of different animal species (mainly mammals, birds and reptiles). I wasn’t great at it, but it was a lot of fun and it resulted in the creation of my own website and blog http://wildlifevagabond.com.

The fixation on finding and photographing new species followed me back home to Norway (where I now work as a high school science and biology teacher). With most of the larger wildlife pretty hard to find around here, I’ve had to focus most of my attention on birds. Thus, I ended up as a massive birder as well! Now, with better equipment at hand, I am set to continue my quest to document all of the species I can, both in Norway and abroad, as well as improve my skills as a photographer.

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