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I am a camera phone novice and rely on the ID algorithm often. A blue collar guy getting in touch with my earthly nature on the spherical miracle in the hopes of one day leaving the capitalist trudge behind me and rip van winkleing my self in the woods.
My dad and I had a bird list when I was growing up, he would talk about California and Arizona all the time, taking peyote in Arizona and hitch hiking across the country during riots and stuff like that. He had me reading cool stuff when I was a kid! I owe him a lot. I made some wrong turns when I was young and got saved by my ecology and art class in high school.
Most observations are from near my house in Brown County, hikes and things I see at work. My goal is to geek out as much as possible in the woods with my partner and to learn as much as I can about the natural heritage of Indiana. I got an Inat to learn scientific names so I could get a better understanding of the web of life I have become fascinated with. I also like the idea of adding to the maps on Inat and the photo searches. I really like looking at the early stages of development. I will volunteer for any cool org and I am certified for RX burns. Also learning about seed collecting and growing natives. Sober 3 years now and thankful for every Damn day! ON MY MOMMA

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