Catch up time . . .

Still recuperating somewhat following last April's stroke. Can't spend much time on the computer without the eyes giving up on me.
Managed to update some of the subfamily placements of genera for Bombycoidea and Noctuoidea today.

Posted on December 27, 2012 02:32 PM by hkmoths hkmoths


Sorry to hear about the stroke - will pray that you recover fully without any sequelae. You have done an excellent job with the moth classification and helping amateurs like me with IDs. Do you have any favorite genera or any particular moth group on which you are doing research? Are there any group of moths on which you would like to have more photographs?

Posted by ivijayanand over 11 years ago

Many thanks for the kind words..
I have my hands very full keeping tabs on the Hong Kong moth species (all 2,300+), as well as looking after / assisting with this group, various Facebook groups, some Flickr groups and a few forums in Hong Kong.... (never mind actually doing my day job and keeping up with my family...).
More photos - no particular requests, other than trying to obtain as broad / complete coverage of all species and geographic areas as possible, also getting more users onto i-Nat (difficult to get those already using other apps that have a similar function.)

Posted by hkmoths over 11 years ago

Ok. I will do my best to document as many species as possible from my location in Assam, India and in the places that I travel to. I am also starting a nature club in my campus as we have some other avid amateur naturalists / photographers. Will encourage them to contribute to iNat. I find it easy as all my photos are first loaded to Flickr and are tagged to whatever ID I have found for them and this is very easy to upload to iNat. Most of the others are using Facebook (and some are using Project Noah) and they find it cumbersome to import to iNat. I think iNat has great potential from a scientific point of view as it can tap the opportunities presented to people like me from all over the world and present them to experts like you to classify and put into correct places so that other scientists can use the resulting enormous database to carry out further studies! I noted that Nuwan Chathuranga has also recently joined iNat and this should help with the IDs from people like me. If there is any way in which I can help, please let me know. Wishing you the best this New Year - Vijay

Posted by ivijayanand over 11 years ago

Many thanks, Vijay. The one problem in the future could be the number of contributors vs. the [invariably small] number of people who can reliably identify things. However, without someone to guide, then how can others learn and take over the mantle of identifer after being schooled???

Posted by hkmoths over 11 years ago

Yes, that is likely to be the bottleneck - we need to get many more experts to contribute in the way that you are doing. I am finding moth identification quite difficult! There seem to be so many different groups (probably with many exceptions and constant changes in taxonomy), that it requires people like you to correctly place a particular moth. I am trying to make some sense of comparing names with gross shape, resting posture etc - probably doing it often will eventually lead to making some sense of it! Butterflies, birds and mammals are much easier!

Posted by ivijayanand over 11 years ago

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