more taxonomy - Skippers

never knew there were so many genera in Hesperiidae, nor that there is such a large higher taxonomy - so many subfamilies and tribes.
I've waded my way through 100+ genera so far, placing to tribe (where possible) for the i-Nat database, and still have 160+ genera (for those already on the database) to go....

What I've found out - apart from a shed load of taxa, my body still has a long way to go before full recovery from last year's stroke is achieved. Still get exhausted far too quickly and can't type straight for very long.....

Posted on June 07, 2013 10:20 AM by hkmoths hkmoths


Yay.... Skippers all placed to subfamily or tribe (until a genus not yet on i-Nat is observed....)

Posted by hkmoths about 11 years ago

Any idea if and when the journal is getting an update? Your last FB submission visiting the Mai Po area was very short and probably not the right audience or too general audience to take notice of your excellent work.


Posted by raymkd about 9 years ago

which journal ? . . . there are plenty to which I contribute, Raymund.
R.E. the Facebook entry about Mai Po - that's something of a test bed for future reports, which for the Mai Po moths is likely to appear in Porcupine! (Hong Kong University journal) ere long....

Posted by hkmoths about 9 years ago

and I'm writing up a full checklist on Mai Po's moths too, probably for publication in another journal - (appropriately called) Check List -

Posted by hkmoths about 9 years ago

..... then there's the recovery from the stroke, which remains ongoing. Fatigue and memory issues are still something of a problem. I need at least 8 hours sleep every day in order to be remotely coherent. One full day's work still necessitates at least one day's complete rest :(

Posted by hkmoths about 9 years ago

(and I am being a bit of a tease - I do realize you are talking about the HKMRP journal on i-Nat !) - when my brain has a good moment and there is news... soon

Posted by hkmoths about 9 years ago

Nice work Roger. I'll be following you on your work via Procupine!. Don't worry about any shortcomings either published in journals and sites. Your main attribution on moths is known and well respected. We Dutchmen are down to earth and favor good relations while respecting your own opinion. I'll be in contact with you either through Gary or in one of the sessions supported by my sponsors this year. Raymund.

Posted by raymkd about 9 years ago

Thx Raymund. You could also message me via the iNat message facility.

Posted by hkmoths about 9 years ago

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