Key to Trees: GROUP D

GROUP D Compound leaves, oppositely attached

1. Leaves have 3-5 leaflets, with irregular lobes and/or teeth.


+ Leaves have 5-9 leaflets, without lobes; smooth margins or widely spaced teeth. Go to #2
2. Leaf scar is a semi-circle, with the new bud sitting above it. The fruit is a samara (winged seed) with a needle-like point and a flat seed.


+ Fruit is a samara (winged seed) with a rounded point and a thick seed. Leaf scar is horse-shoe or smile shaped, partially surrounding the new leaf bud. Go to #3
3. Samara about 1” long; leaves often have 5 rounded leaflets. Common on limestone soil. Grows mostly in and west of Collin and Dallas counties.


+ Samara about 2” long; leaves often have 7 leaflets. Grows mostly to the east of Collin and Dallas counties.


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