Default Image Licenses - Jan 2024

This post is an update to an earlier post discussing the need for shareable images to use on Wikipedia (see Using iNaturalist Images on Wikipedia).

Currently, over 99.5% of all iNat observers have selected a default image license that is not compatible with use on Wikipedia.1 At first glance, this sounds terrible, except that the remaining 0.5% represents over 13,700 users that collectively have observed just over half of all species ever submitted to iNaturalist.2

License types

Proportion of iNat users by image license type used:3
CC0        0.15%
CC-BY        0.28%
CC-BY-SA      0.06%
CC-BY-NC      52.32%
CC-BY-ND     0.01%
CC-BY-NC-SA    0.09%
CC-BY-NC-ND    0.09%
All rights reserved  47.00%

1. Users with a non-shareable image license type account for 2,907,808 out of the 2,921,571 total users, as of 03 January 2024. Does not account for some amount of duplication caused by some individual users having more than one image licence type among their observations. For example: 410 (2.9%) users with at least one shareable image changed on my request still have a default non-sharing license for all their other observations.
2. CC0, CC-BY, and CC-BY-SA observations covered 241,786 species out of 456,419 (53%) as of 03 January 2024.
3. As of 03 January 2024.

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