Taxonomic Merge 106125 (Committed on 02-27-2022)

Correcting status to reflect recent (Santibañez-Lopez et al., 2020) changes to the Scorpiones. Superfamily Hadruroidea and family Hadruridae were created and transferred out of Caraboctonoidea/Caraboctonidae. The current phylogeny is thus
Superfamily Caraboctonoidea; family Caraboctonidae; family Superstitioniidae.
Superfamily Hadruroidea; family Hadruridae, genera Hadrurus and Hoffmannihadrurus.

Another one bites the dust: taxonomic... (Citation)
Added by kjmcwest on February 28, 2022 04:44 AM | Committed by kjmcwest on February 27, 2022
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