Taxonomic Swap 125135 (Committed on 04-01-2023)

"In subgenus Pterourus, Tyler et al. (1994) placed Papilio victorinus Doubleday, 1844 from Mexico within Pterourus menatius (Hübner, [1819]), but we consider this Central American taxon as specifically distinct from the South American Papilio menatius (Owens et al. 2017, 2020), and we reinstate Papilio victorinus Doubleday, 1844 as a separate species (stat. rev.). "

Condamine, F. L., Allio, R., Reboud, E. L., Dupuis, J. R., Toussaint, E. F., Mazet, N., Hu, S., Lewis, D. S., Kunte, K., Cotton, A. M., & Sperling, F. a. H. (2023). A comprehensive phylogeny and revised taxonomy illuminate the origin and diversification of the global radiation of Papilio (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 183, 107758.

A comprehensive phylogeny and revised... (Citation)
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