Taxonomic Swap 133226 (Committed on 10-30-2023)

The long-standing two-genus treatment of go-away-birds as Corythaixoides personatus, Corythaixoides concolor, and Corythaixoides leucogaster and plantain-eaters as Crinifer piscator and Crinifer zonurus is unsupported by molecular analyses (Njabo and Sorenson 2009, Perktaş et al. 2020). A three-genus treatment, with leucogaster in Criniferoides could be adopted, but given the relatively low genetic and morphological divergence levels, WGAC, Clements et al. (2023), and Gill et al. (2021, IOC v.11.1) now align on treating all the former Corythaixoides species within Crinifer, as Crinifer personatus, Crinifer concolor, and Crinifer leucogaster.

eBird/Clements Checklist v2023 (Citation)
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