Taxonomic Merge 68890 (Committed on 03-26-2024)

R. sativus raphanistroides is accepted as a synonym of Raphanus sativus/Raphanus sativus var. sativus according to Tropicos ( The same is true of R. s. longipinnatus ( R. s. caudatus is an obligate synonym of Raphanus caudatus (, accepted by POWO as a synonym of R. raphanistrum sativus. Raphanus bipinnatus is not accepted as a published name in POWO, The Plant List, IPNI, or Tropicos; it is clearly being used to refer to Daikon radishes, though, which are a type of cultivated radish (and referrable to R. s. longipinnatus mentioned above). Raphanus sativus is accepted on POWO and The Plant List as a synonym of R. raphanistrum sativus, which it is an obligate synonym of. Tropicos accepts R. sativus as the current name, but since they are obligate synonyms, it shouldn't much matter which is in use, the subspecies, or the species.
Also, "Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativum" is misspelled, though understandably.

POWO (Citation)
Added by jameskm on January 09, 2020 03:14 AM | Committed by kevinfaccenda on March 26, 2024
merged into


See discussion here: Given that this flag has been open for 4 years with no objections to this swap, it appears this change is not controversial.

Given that all of these are cultivars and iNat is focused on wild taxa, not garden plants they have been merged into one entity for all domesticated radishes. POWO does not accept them and we have no desire to create deviations for domestics.

Posted by kevinfaccenda 3 months ago

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