Taxonomic Merge 84959 (Committed on 11-11-2020)

Both Reptile Database (RD) and SSAR carve off
Chionactis occipitalis annulata & Chionactis occipitalis klauberi as Chionactis annulata annulata & Chionactis annulata klauberi

and lump Chionactis occipitalis talpina & Chionactis occipitalis occipitalis into a monotypic Chionactis occipitalis

RD also lumps Chionactis into Sonora (e.g. Sonora occipitalis & Sonora annulatus) but I'm not doing that yet since SSAR hasn't done that yet

Added by loarie on November 12, 2020 12:10 AM | Committed by loarie on November 11, 2020
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