Taxonomic Swap 89530 (Committed on 03-16-2021)

Weakley 2021 "Flora of the Southeastern US", Peterson et al. 2019 "A key to the North American genera of Stipeae (Poaceae, Pooideae) with descriptions and taxonomic names for species of Eriocoma, Neotrinia, Oloptum, and five new genera: Barkworthia, ×Eriosella, Pseudoeriocoma, Ptilagrostiella, and horneochloa"

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Added by bouteloua on February 28, 2021 02:24 PM | Committed by jdmore on March 16, 2021
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@bouteloua I notice that the children are at rank variety in the input taxon, but rank subspecies in the output taxon. Looks like the combinations are available at both ranks under both genera. But not sure how that would work with selecting "Move children to output." May have to swap the children manually?

Posted by jdmore over 3 years ago

Oh good catch. I'll fix that when we commit these.

Posted by bouteloua over 3 years ago

@bouteloua FYI, I have all the other changes drafted and ready for the New World and Southern Hemisphere genera. Was planning to post a last heads-up on the Stipeae flag, then start committing them all about 24 hours later. I'll leave the Hesperostipa changes for you to commit when ready.

Planning to wait a bit on the genera with a Eurasian footprint (Achnatherum, Chionochloa, Macrochloa, Neotrinia, Patis, Piptatherum, Ptilagrostis, Stipa, Stipellula), to make sure there is an appetite for going ahead with those now, given the updates apparently still pending with POWO.

Posted by jdmore about 3 years ago

Feel free to commit these as well!

Posted by bouteloua about 3 years ago

Ok, will do! I went ahead and added separate swaps for the varieties => subspecies, and also updated the TFR since POWO doesn't current recognize varieties in Stipa comata.

Posted by jdmore about 3 years ago

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