Taxonomic Swap 142189 (Committed on 04-11-2024)

rename Nearctodesmidae to Nearctodesminae, subfamily of Macrosternodesmidae, per Shear et al 2017 and millibase

Added by jfmantis on April 11, 2024 02:31 AM | Committed by jfmantis on April 11, 2024
replaced with


fyi @derhennen, as the top IDer of this family and the author (I believe) of the corresponding change on millibase

Posted by jfmantis 2 months ago

Thanks for the tag @jfmantis; this is the correct current classification for this taxon, as detailed in the source Shear & Reddell 2017 (

Posted by derhennen 2 months ago

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