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September 06, 2020

The Greek Cicada Project

Here's 'Greek cicada project' from Athens, Greece.
In order to make a list of all Greek cicadas this project was founded.
If you are/were in Greece and observed a cicada, please don't forget to tag the project "Hellenic cicadas".
Lower is the List of all Cicadas recorded or sighted up to now (and that's why YOUR contribution counts that much!).
All the cicadas are listed by scientific name and occurrence in Greece.


Cicada orni (whole Greece excepted Crete and Southeast Aegean islands )
Cicada mordoganensis (southeast Aegean islands + Crete)
Cicada cretensis (Crete)
Lyristes plebejus (whole Greece, excepted southeast Aegean islands)
Lyristes gemellus (southeast Aegean islands)
Cicadatra alhageos (Greek mainland)
Cicadatra atra (Greek mainland and Peloponnese)
Cicadatra hyalina (Greek mainland)
Cicadatra atra hyalinata (Greek mainland)
Cicadatra persica (only known in Kastelorizo and Cyprus)


Cicadetta montana (Epirus)
Cicadetta macedonica (Macedonia, Greece)
Cicadetta olympica (Southeast Macedonia, Mt. Olympus)
Euboeana castaneivaga (Evia, Andros, Tinos and Mykonos Island)
Oligoglena flaveola (northern Greek Macedonia)
Oligoglena carayoni (south Peloponnese, Crete)
Oligoglena sakisi (Crete)
Oligoglena goumenissa (Aegean islands)
Oligoglena filoti (most of the Dodecanese, especially on Naxos island)


Tibicina haematodes (Greek mainland and Evia)
Tibicina steveni (Greek mainland and Evia, especially on Mt. Dirfis)

Thanks to all of you and especially to @agapakisnikos and @savvaszafeiriou!

The Greek Cicada Project

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