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February 12, 2021

Distribution of Quercus in Greece

Dear iNaturalists,

I decided to start a project called "Distribution of Oaks (Quercus) in Greece".
I started this project in order to give everyone a clear picture of the distribution and botanical systematic of oaks. (Link to the project:
The following list shows all Quercus species represented in Greece:

Quercus alnifolia (endemic to Cyprus, arrived via anthropogenic means to Attica region)

Quercus aucheri (endemic to Southeast Aegean Sea and Western Anatolia)

Quercus cerris (endemic to whole Greece)

Quercus coccifera (endemic to whole Greece)

Quercus frainetto (endemic to whole Greece, especially North and South Pindos and Eastern Aegean islands)

Quercus ilex (endemic to whole Greece)

Quercus infectoria (East and North Aegean islands)

Quercus ithaburensis subspec. macrolepis (endemic to whole Greece)

Quercus petraea subspec. petraea (endemic to Northern parts of Greece, not represented in Peloponnese and Aegean islands)

Quercus petraea subspec. polycarpa (=Quercus iberica, endemic to Northern parts of Greece, not represented in Peloponnese and Western Aegean islands

Quercus pubescens (endemic to whole Greece)

Quercus robur (endemic to whole Greece except Western Aegean islands)

Quercus trojana (endemic to Macedonia, Central Greece, Sterea Ellas with Evia island included and Western Aegean islands)

Quercus suber (endemic to Western Mediterranenan Sea, introduced for cultivation via anthropogenic means; bark is used as cork)

If you have any question concerning Quercus spec. please don't hesitate asking me!

@greek_cicada_project or just Sotirios Liakas

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