Liam Hopkins

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North American west coast crustacean expert, Colorado and Cascadian herpetofauna enthusiast, beginning birder, aquatic nuisance species technician, and overall animal lover!

Expertise in Californian-Alaskan decapods, namely with cancroidae, xanthoidae, alpheidae, and anomurans, especially lithodidae.

Native Coloradoan with a particular love for our native reptiles and amphibians, but also working with birds, mammals, and fungi.

Senior in high school committed to study fisheries/wildlife biology at Oregon State University.

Associated/worked with
-City of Lakewood Parks
-Colorado Parks and Wildlife
-Colorado Natural Heritage Program

Experience in the captive husbandry of freshwater crustaceans, in particular- Parathelphusa, Syntripsa, Geosesarma, Aegla, and Lepidothelphusa, as well as Sulawesi Caridae

Hope to see you in the field!

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