April 01, 2022

Spring has Sprung!

Today was amazing. I found a plethora of animals, including my first snake and first in-hand turtle. Tons of deer, new species of birds, the cormorants are back, and crayfish are breeding. I also heard an owl and saw a heron.
Perhaps the most exciting though was I heard a few chorus frogs in a vernal pool!
Today was sooo much fun. Spring is truly here in Colorado

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March 16, 2022

First Reptiles

Yesterday and today I had my first reptile encounters of the year. Yesterday I saw some sort of turtle (carapace only, probably a slider) swimming away, and today I saw a turtle, the whole of it, not just the carapace, slip into the pond from some reeds. It was probably a painted. I saw a few animals today right at sunset slip into the pond when I'd get near, but only one was confirmed by my eyes to be a turtle. He was too fast for pictures! Tomorrow a cold snap sets in with rain, which will be ideal for salamanders, then I'm off to Florida! Can't wait for herping season to hopefully be finally going when I get back

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