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I am a naturalist having joined the personal bioblitz in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Since birth devoted to life on earth and its beaty and action. Long before I started my university three years biology education I developed a strong interest in herpetology (reptiles and amphibians) starting locally, then growing regional and finally global. At the university I was introduced in botany and started filling my lack of knowledge of the flora – again starting locally, then growing regional and finally global.

Slowly my natural interest was expanded to include ethology, ecology, evolution and environmental issues such as demographics and ecosystem impact including economy and history in these concepts.

I spent some 30 years in volontary provincial flora inventory projects in Sweden. Then I worked ten years in the botany section of the natural history museum in Stockholm. During this period I collected over 7500 plant specimens in a number of countries in all continents except Australia, now deposited in the herbarium of the natural history museum and searchable in their database along with millions of plants from hundreds of years from all over the world:

I also worked a few years as teacher in natural science.

I ended my professional life as private consultant mainly in limnology and aquatic herpetology including ampibian conservation.

I am now retired but my interests has not retired. I am still interested in all kinds of animals, plants and fungi but try to limit my interest to herpetofauna, vascular plants, birds, insects, lichens and bryophytes – but still in the perspectives of demographics and environmental questions.
This may seem disparate and sure is – but give the opportunity of width as well as depth of the organism world and their dependence of natural ecosystem as well as the impact forced upon them from the human civilization which is my overall interest.

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