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I grew up in Louisville, KY, and have family roots in the counties of the Western Coal Field. I was lucky enough to have a number of older relatives -- both in the city and 'downhome' -- who were willing to spend hours describing any and every plant or critter that took my fancy.

I discovered photography as a kid, and combined it with my interest in nature about five minutes later. Shortly after that, I developed a fascination with photographing things that don't hold still very well; a fascination that continues to this day. (Thankfully, I now have better cameras than I did back then; photographing dragonflies with a fixed-focus pocket camera and 110 cartridge film is an exercise in equal amounts of patience and frustation.)

I moved to Colorado as a young adult, and have lived here ever since. My fiance shared his love of the mountains with me, and now I can't picture my life without either one. The camera comes along on hikes more often than not, and his patience is much appreciated when I'm trying to frame shots of nuthatches, hummingbirds, and odes.

Profile photo credit Dr. Daniel Dvorkin, 23 June 2006 at Tom Lake, Cook County, MN

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