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As the semester has begun, my identifications on the site will be much more sporadic. Please tag or message me if you would like me to see something.

I actively moderate hoppers (Auchenorrhyncha excluding cicadas-for now) here and on BugGuide—mostly focused on the United States and Canada. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware studying Auchenorrhyncha taxonomy in Dr. Charles Bartlett's (@delphax) lab. My interests lie in the interdisciplinary space between art and science.

An ongoing project of mine is a goal to acquire photographs of all described U.S. species of Auchenorrhyncha (and consolidate them on BugGuide). I also use the account @udel-hoppers to upload photographs of museum specimens.

You have my permission to use my images for any non-commercial educational use (including on citizen science sites and boards) as long as you credit me. Otherwise, please contact me.

additionally, I'm a formless basin. an endless space of things displaced; excavated and moved elsewhere. I expand endlessly, causing all surrounding surfaces to cave; collapsing into the oblivion of myself. there's no space for the dust to settle, so it will drift on forever in its increasing entropy.

My profile picture is a watercolor portrait done by my sister Sullivan.

Primary Current Working Projects

  • Redefine the Generic Limits of Pentastirini (Cixiidae) of North America
  • Digitization and Photography of Planthoppers in the University of Delaware Insect Research Collection
  • Consolidate Photos of all U.S. Auchenorrhyncha Species on BugGuide

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