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-Plant lover perpetually looking down at the ground to find all the weird little forbs and orchids and mosses and fungi that are too often missed, yet are so fascinating.

-I currently enjoy exploring the Southeastern US in car and tent (based out of northern Virginia), but the arid Western US and West Coast will always have my heart.

-Most knowledgeable about orchids but also love many other plant families (such as those in my favorite taxa). Within US orchids, I am most drawn to the small fly-pollinated Neottia and Malaxis. Increasingly studying and paying attention to bryophytes and lichens. I focus more on learning about ecology than species identification [insert rant about taxonomic inflation and the partly socially constructed nature of taxonomy, i.e. that species don't really exist...]

-One of my current jobs is in a lab studying evolution in the goldenrod gall fly system (Eurosta solidaginis galls on Solidago spp. with parasitoids such as Eurytoma spp. wasps) so now observing and identifying those a bit more- if you know of good locations with a lot of Eurosta galls or want to help collect, please let me know!

*** PSA for whom it may concern- it is okay to go into nature and not take hundreds of photos and upload every single living thing to inaturalist. Observing, exploring, and appreciating nature is not a contest or goal and does not require having a smartphone in hand :) ***

-You can also find me stacking photos of tiny creatures on Flickr as Swillig Photo (Simon Willig)-https://www.flickr.com/photos/186031494@N08/

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