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16th April 2019
“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Til your good is better and your better is best"

St. Jerome

ALBUM 16th April 2019
For captions or info click on i on the top right-hand side. A good way to go - the Slideshow is found at the top of the page on the rt hand side by clicking on the 3 dots. Featured this week – Herbertsdale Road, Minwater, Holothrix brevipetala, Academic Achievements, some wonderful news about Lobostemon belliformis at Gourikwa and Cradock Pass in the Outeniquas. The ominous photo above was taken on Sunday evening before the huge windstorm hit George and Wilderness later that night. It reflects a very angry sky.
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Herbertsdale Road
Thursday 4th April 2019
Rusell and I went in search of Brunsvigia josephinae (VU) along the Herbertsdale Road on Thursday. We first saw it nearly 2 years ago, but we were completely out of luck this time. On the plus side, the veld regrowth is progressing well post-fire.

If you look long enough, there is always some reward. For us on Thursday, the flower of the day was the stunning, scarlet Gladiolus emiliae (NT). We counted 6 plants in flower. We also saw Gnidia chrysophylla (NT) - many new seedlings.

The striking, golden Bobartia robusta was all over the place, still making a wonderful show. Another attention-seeker was the exquisite Pelargonium carneum. And the "Cherry on the top" - just as we reached the car after fossicking for a couple of hours, the first drops of rain began to fall.


Friday 5th April 2019
Our plans for the field trip on Friday were a bit vague. "Let's go and explore some of the foothills on the northern side of the Robinson Pass". Well that was the general idea, so how did we land up at Minwater? Well may you ask! We were driving along looking for a house where we could get permission, when suddenly we were at the gates of the quarry. A white bakkie driving by came to a screeching halt and with a huge look of surprise, Louis asked, "Maar waarnatoe gaan julle?" As "julle" didn't have much idea, Louis suggested that we go to his farm Minwater and he would get permission from various landowners for a visit to neighbouring properties sometime in the future.

Minwater is one of my favourite places on earth and Louis is one of my favourite people. He takes care of his land with passion and enthusiasm and he seems to know exactly where every plant grows on the property. A visit to his farm many years ago put us on the road to learning the plants of the Succulent Karoo. Combined with the Vlok Boekie, we nowadays have a working knowledge of the habitat type and the plants that grow there.

We were thin on the ground, with Nicky and Jen away and Mike otherwise occupied. Jo, Sandra and I, were all the Outramps could muster on the day and we had a wonderful morning fossicking. First of all, we popped in to show Jo the campsite. We are planning a 3 day trip there for early Spring. Louis said that there had been a bit of rain the day before and lots of termite activity confirmed this. In most places, the ground was already dry despite the rain. Many of the plants are looking very sad and many have gone beyond the point of no return.

But there was lots to find and enjoy. Firstly the rares - Pteronia hutchinsoniana (Rare) was over, with just the seedheads making the plants conspicuous. There was a Glottiphyllum which is probably rare, but we're not sure of the id. We will have to ask Louis which species it is. Sandra is hoping that we found Trichodiadema burgeri (Vulnerable). For the rest -
Vachellia karroo
Berkheya cuneata
Helichrysum zeyheri
Tylecodon reticulatus
Tylecodon paniculatus
Curio radicans
Euclea undulata
Crassula cultrata
Crassula tecta
Crassula cotyledonis
Crassula rupestris
Crassula muscosa
Pterona fasciculata
Pteronia pallens
Machairophyllum albidum
Portulacaria afra
Pachypodium succulentum and spinosum
Sceletium tortuosum
Macledium spinosum
Crassula orbicularis
Euphorbia heptagona
Crassula arborescens
Aptosimum indivisum
These were just some of the plants we saw.

The day was remarkable for the many miles that we could see without another person or dwelling or man-made structure in sight. The vast, empty spaces of the Karoo restore my soul and we are so privileged to have this on our doorstep.
Baie dankie Louis.


The Outramps are celebrating!
Two of our young graduated during the last week.This is what Brian du Preez aka The Boy or Mr. Fab had to say.
" On 5 April 2019 the final chapter of my Masters degree was written with the graduation ceremony taking place on a beautiful Stellenbosch autumn morning. Having taken on the genus Polhillia for masters, I was able to describe 4 new species in the genus, while sinking P. canescens under P. connata. The M.Sc Botany degree was awarded cum laude and I was absolutely thrilled with this, having never been academically inclined.

The next challenge on my plate is to take over Dr Brian Schrire's work and conduct a revision of the Indigofera of the GCFR. A massive challenge, as we estimate there to be 90-100 species in the region with 20-30 that are undescribed and several other combinations that may need resurrection. I have been accepted to complete my PhD at UCT and have been awarded a departmental fellowship in the Biological Sciences department under Prof. Muthama Muasya. So please be on the lookout for any interesting Indigoferas anywhere in the GCFR and please post lots of good quality photos onto iNaturalist".

We will endeavour to do so Brian. The Outramps are proud of you and we will always remember the day you joined us, an awkward teenager at the end of your first year doing a Nature Conservation Diploma. En kyk hoe lyk hy nou!

Jo-Anne King has very recently joined the Outramps. We first came into contact with her as the new Chairman of the Garden Route Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa. This young girl is doing a sterling job. By and large, her Committee is a young one with young ideas. They have started all sorts of initiatives and I can see the Branch going from strength to strength. It is wonderful to see the energy and vitality that these youngsters bring to the table. They have our wholehearted support.

Jo-Anne graduated last Tuesday with a B.Com. Accounting degree. She is investigating the possibility of doing Honours/Masters with the Sustainibility Unit at Nelson Mandela University. This would combine her passion for conservation with her business knowledge.

We would love to walk part of her future journey at her side and we wish her all the best in her endeavours. We will give her all the help we can.



A window of opportunity has been opened for the survival of The Beautiful One (Lobostemon belliformis) at Gourikwa. It is Critically Endangered. Charl Wade of the Fire Protection Association based at Riversdale had this to say: "I have good news. We are going to start the above mentioned clearing in the next three weeks. The SCFPA will give the labour and Gourikwa will pay our transport costs." The plants are surrounded by Rooikrantz and the Outramps and Charl have been trying to get it cleared for about 10 years. At Last! We are celebrating! Dankie Charl.

Holothrix brevipetala
My visiting sister joined me on a seed-collecting trip at the top of the Robinson Pass (Kouma Trail). We made slow progress as Lucy stopped every few meterfgvs for a closer look at all things natural. She turned up some fun things, such as the teeny empty insect eggs on the overhang of a boulder. Anyway, thanks to our glacial speed I noticed what otherwise would have been easily overlooked: a single leafless specimen of Holothrix brevipetala. While not boasting any fancy letters after its name, it is said to be found just occasionally, mostly after fire, from October to January.

It doesn't seem to have been recorded at this location (on iNat) and the only Outramp with the species on her list is Nicky (Montagu Pass railway). Another orchid to watch out for!


Cradock Pass
Wednesday 9th April 2019
The last time that we walked the Cradock Pass and parked at the Ou Tol, one of the BM's windows was broken by vandals. We were reluctant to repeat this rather costly performance. So this time we parked on the northern side of the Montagu Pass just above North Station and Bill and I walked up the very steep path to the Nek and then down to the railway line on the southern side and back again. We met a small group of WAGS at the railway line. They had parked at Ou Tol and were walking down the Montagu Pass to the cars.

The regeneration of the veld is phenomenal. Proteaceae are springing up all over the place. Bobartia aphylla is going over, but the plants have produced millions of seeds. On the northern side, Watsonia fourcadei carpets the slopes and will be breathtaking when it flowers. On the southern side, the ferns are having a field day. The dominant species are Todea barbara and Blechnum tabulare.

Cape Nature have done a great job of repairing the path. Rocks have been put in the grooves that have been carved out by the SOS (Skelms on Scramblers). Do wish that someone would put them in jail for a night to meditate on their sins. Steps have been cut into the steeper bits and drainage furrows are in place. Lots of work has also been done on the neightbouring Flanagans Rock Hike. Good work, Cape Nature!

Rares seen on the day
Psoralea trullata (Rare)
Erica unicolor subsp. georgensis (Rare)
Leucadendron conicum (Near Threatened)

And then we all gathered together afterwards at the George Golf Course for some social interaction and a cool one. A magnificent day out in the Outeniquas on one of my all-time favourite hikes. Thank you Marge.


Field Trips
It looks as if Nicky, Bill and I will be the only takers for a field trip over the Easter weekend. We will decide on our destination later on in the week.
Hamba Kahle
Groete en dankie

Di Turner
Outramps CREW Group
Southern Cape
South Africa

All id’s subject to confirmation by Doc AnneLise and Jan Vlok, Steven Molteno, Dr Tony Rebelo, Nick Helme, Prof Charlie Stirton, Dr Robert Archer, Dr Robert McKenzie, Dr Ted Oliver, Dr Christopher Whitehouse, Adriaan Grobler, Prix Burgoyne, Dr Kenneth Oberlander, Dr Pieter Winter, Dr David Gwynne-Evans, Malthinus and Mattmatt on iNat. Thank you all for your ongoing help and support.

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Gouritzmond - https://www.inaturalist.org/places/the-gouritsmond-commonage
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Outeniquas, Collinshoek and the Big Tree - https://www.inaturalist.org/places/outenoquas-collinshoek-and-the-big-tree
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Geranicaceae of the Southern Cape - https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/geraniaceae-of-the-southern-cape-of-south-africa
Lianes and Creepers in the Southern Cape and Little Karoo - https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/lianes-and-creepers-of-the-southern-cape-and-little-karoo
Veg Types of South Africa - https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/vegetation-types-of-south-africa

Flowers of the High Drakensberg - https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/flowers-of-the-high-kzn-drakensberg

Abbreviations Glossary

MCSA – Mountain Club of South Africa
MSB - Millenium Seed Bank based at Kew in the UK
WIP – Work in Progress
HAT – High Altitude Team
LOT – Lowland Team
SIM – Somewhere in the Middle Team
WAGS – Wednesday Adventure Group
VB – Vlok Boekie “Plants of the Klein Karoo” and our Plant Bible
ITRTOL – Another thread “In The Rich Tapestry Of Life”(It describes a challenging situation, usually to do with the Buchu Bus)
ITFOT – In the fullness of time
WOESS – Fair Weather Hiker
FMC and JW – too vulgar to translate, but the equivalent is “Strike me Dead” - An expression of surprise and delight on finding a new “Rare”
Kambro – same as above
Fossick – A meter per minute, scratching around looking for rares
SIDB – Skrop in die Bos – Another name for a field trip, this one coined by Prix
BAFFING – Running round like a blue-arsed fly
SYT – Sweet Young Thing - Anyone under the age of 40
TOMB – Get a move on
Mayhem - Needless or willful damage or violence
SESKRYNG – “Sit en staan kry niks gedaan” ,with thanks to Brian
SOS – Skelms on Scramblers
FW – Idiot
BOB – Another name for the Buchu Bus when she’s misbehaving.
CRAFT – A symptom of Old Age
DDD - Metalasia tricolor (Damned Diabolical Daisy)
VP – Vrekplek – Retirement Village
Qàq – Self-explanatory Inuit word describing some of our local problems
Mr Fab – Our Fabaceae specialist, Brian Du Preez – originally Boy 1
Muisvoel -The Mathematician – Peter Thompson
Boy 2 – Kyle Underwood who works on Orchids and is still at school
Sharkie – Finn Rautenbach – Our latest SYT is a surfer in his spare time and is now the Curator of the Garden Route Botanical Garden
Sicko – Someone who suffers from Car Sickness. With 4 in the Group, allocating seating in the Buchu Bus is tricky
VAG – Virgin Active Garage, which is our meeting place when we head north
MATMUE – Meet At The Mall Under E - Meeting place when we head West
WG – Waves Garage in Wilderness East. - Meeting place when we’re going east.
VU- Vulnerable
DDT – Data Deficient and Taxonomically ?
NT – Near Threatened
EN – Endangered
CR – Critically Endangered
PE – Presumed extinct
LC – Least Concern
TBC – To be Confirmed
TLC – Tender loving care
JMS – An expression of absolute disdain
FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
Milk – the fruit of the vine
Condensed Milk – Scotland’s finest export
Full Cream Milk or Fat Milk – Any product of Humulus lupulus eg. Milk Stout
Milk of the Gods – Rooibos and Brandy
Milk Shake - Sparkling Wine
NS – Species of conservation concern new to the Outramps
PS -Priority Species allocated to the Outramps by our CREW Cape Co-ordinator , Ismail Ebrahim
iNatFD – iNaturalist for Dummies as compiled by Sally
Mizzle – Mist and drizzle combined. A regular feature of George in the ”good old days”.
FE – Fire Ephemeral – only appears immediately or after a couple of years after fire
Squirrel – aka President Ramaphosa
WOG – Wrath of God – eg. incurred when you put a young Pine tree on iNat as Leucadendron album
Skedonk - A banger - old, battered motor car more than 30 years old
Hoedown - redneck gathering, usually involves shouting catchy phrases like "yee-haw" and "the south will rise again"
VHF - Vat Hom Fluffie - our nickname for furry or woolly plants
SA - Stay Attractive is Google's translation of "Mooi Bly"
OTL - Out To Lunch is used to describe the Buchu Bus when she's taking a break after she's behaved badly
DFKIAA - A very funny video in Afrikaans is doing the rounds. It refers to the current power outages.

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