Auchenorrhyncha of the U.S.-Mexico Border

Hi all—I've begun a new project for the photographers at the border:

As the global climate warms, more and more organisms are seen travelling northwards every year. Alert photographers near borders are on the front lines in monitoring the northward travel of arthropods as they collect data of new country records and find the frequency of certain species' occurrences. The U.S.-Mexico border is a crucial region for monitoring these changes and the highly diverse insect group Auchenorrhyncha (hoppers) provides a great standard for measuring these changes. The high number of described North American species and the nature of the group to be attracted to standard porch lights makes it easy for any citizen scientist to collect important data that will help detail the affects of climatic changes on insect migration and occurrence. Please consider joining this project if you are a photographer near the border (whether close to the border itself or living in a bordering state)!

I hope to keep things updated with journal posts to the best of my ability—let me know if you're interested in becoming a manager for the project.

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