BioBlitz at Huddart County Park - Saturday SEPTEMBER 29

Hey San Mateo county iNat-ters! Time for another installment in the remarkable coalition between San Mateo County Parks, Sequoia Audubon Society, California Academy of Sciences, California Lichen Society, Yerba BioAdvocacy, California Native Plant Society, and California Center for Natural History!! Talk about ALL TAXA!

We will be BioBlitzing the western side of Huddart County Park. Accessed from Kings Mountain Road, this park has a vast amount of mixed redwood/madrone/tanoak forest, but remarkable pockets of other habitats, too. A lichen and moss paradise, the park also holds some unusual county birds (Pileated Woodpecker and breeding Hermit Thrush), plenty of insects, a few galls, and, well, let's find out what else!

The official blitz runs from 9:00 to noon on site, but the project is open all day. I'll be out and about adding observations through the day. I have walked every inch of every official trail in the selected area of the park, so I am happy to offer advice to interested blitzers.

Here is the link to the Eventbrite page for registration -

Here in the link to the iNat project page. Joining ahead of time let's the organizers know you are serious!

Thanks to Katherine, Alison, JJ, Drew, Damon, and so many others for pulling together this awesome coalition! Let's see if we can top 1500 observations out there!

Posted on September 22, 2018 09:49 PM by gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon


Teaching a class at Pepperwood that weekend. Have a great one, my friends...

Posted by robberfly over 5 years ago

Alas, I'll be assisting @robberfly. Have fun!

Posted by tiwane over 5 years ago

That sound like a blast! Unfortunately, I'm already leading a tour that day for the Monterey Bay Birding Festival but I wish you folks an amazing time and hope you break your observations goal!

Posted by rjadams55 over 5 years ago

I hope to be in the Mojave... I missed the advance notice for this one - is there someplace where all the California bioblitzes are posted in one spot?

Posted by kschnei over 5 years ago

I'm teaching a class at Cañada de los Osos that time. Would have loved to be there! By the way - I led an insect hike there a few weeks ago and prepared a flier with arthropod species - let me know if you'd like to use it

Posted by merav over 5 years ago

sure, @merav - please share that - you have my email! Thanks, though we will miss you.

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 5 years ago

me too... it's my new favourite park... I'll send the file. have fun!

Posted by merav over 5 years ago

Apparently you won't be at the WFO conference this weekend. I'm leading trips all weekend.

Posted by vermfly over 5 years ago

Hey Jen, thanks for the invite, unfortunately I'll be at work on Saturday... still chained at my desk :)

Posted by clem over 5 years ago

I can't either, I'll be at Hastings Res...

Posted by moonlittrails over 5 years ago

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