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April 25, 2023

iNat Hopper People

In an effort to declutter my profile bio, I'm going to move my (incomplete) list of iNat hopper ID'ers to a journal post. Please comment any important accounts that I am missing or if you'd like to be removed from the list. Also, I recently learned of spittlebug expert @lesday's passing, he will be sorely missed.

@ hopperdude215 — Kyle Kittelberger, hopper extraordinaire specialising in united states fauna; long-time bugguide editor and author of Hoppers of North Carolina
@ marcodehaas — Marco de Haas, expert on palearctic hoppers
@ gernotkunz — Gernot Kunz, expert on central european and costa rican hoppers
@ defreitasabner — Abner Silveira de Freitas, brazilian hopper expert
@ wongun — WonGun Kim, knowledgeable in south korean hemipterans
@ cicadina — Ilia Gjonov, expert in palearctic Auchenorrhyncha
@ michael_stiller — Michael Stiller, the expert on hoppers of africa (not very active these days)
@ lrubio7 — Lucas Rubio, very knowledgeable in South American Auchenorrhyncha

@ delphax — Charles Bartlett, leading expert on planthoppers (Fulgoroidea; especially Delphacidae)
@ psyllidhipster — Chris Mallory, psyllid extraordinaire and particularly knowledgeable in fulgorids
@ k_jiaranaisakul — Kawin Jiaranaisakul, expert on Indomalayan planthoppers
@ campodonico — Juan Francisco Campodonico, expert on Chilean planthoppers
@ loeck — Birgit Löcker, expert on Australian planthoppers
@ julio224 — Julio Cesar do Cargo Vaz Santos, South American planthopper expert specializing on Pintalia
@ feistyone — Shannon, knowledgeable in planthoppers
@ bbahder — Brian Bahder, expert on palm-feeding Auchenorrhyncha
@ dyanega — Doug Yanega, knowledgeable on a number of planthopper groups

@ smckamey — Stuart McKamey, expert on treehoppers (Membracidae)
@ dawnflynn — Dawn Flynn, expert on treehoppers
@ micahfletcher — Micah Fletcher, expert on nearctic treehoppers
@ samjengland — Sam England, knowledgeable/expert in neotropical treehoppers
@ brenolmorris — Brendan Morris, expert in treehoppers

@ joelkits — Joel Kits, expert on leafhoppers (Cicadellidae)
@ joaco5 — Joaquín Davila, knowledgeable in south american sharpshooters (Cicadellinae)
@ jsauceda_v — Jefferson Sauceda, knowledgeable in neotropical leafhoppers
@ adilson_pinedo — Adilson Pinedo, expert on leafhoppers of Mexico

@ vthompson — Vinton Thompson, expert on spittlebugs
@ gervasiocarval — Gervasio Silva Carvalho, expert on neotropical spittlebugs

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